Lobby version updates

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    • Lobby version updates

      Lobby version 1.4.0
      Completely last minute info.
      within the next 30 minutes we will have an update on the PTS Lobby. (PostTraumatic Stress Lobby)
      This update is coming to the live Lobby on Tuesday, 15th of January at around 10:00 CET.

      With this update we are bringing the following features:

      [New] News hub: a site where you will find game news as well as links of interest.
      [New] Account trade: it is possible to gift/trade accounts through a token.
      [New] Micropage: completely new players will land in a new page with information about the game.

      [Bug fix] Universes' age in days is displayed properly on IE 11 now.

      BUGG wrote:

      To create Tokens to give away an Account, you need to open an extra page within the Lobby, similar to the Sitting-site. It is accessable when you click your E-Mail in the top right of the Lobby under the name "Generate Gifting Code". From this version on you then need to enter your Sitting and Trading Tokens in the popup that opens when you click "Enter Code", which is also accessable via clicking your E-Mail in the top right.

      Your OGame.us Team
      Topp 10: 34 SADV: 18 ADV HoF: 85 HoF: 72 Rip kill: 2522 ninja: 12
      Topp 1 ACS(Fornax)

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    • Changelog modified:
      [New] Account trade: it is possible to gift/trade accounts through a token. Account changes have a 15 days cooldown (a token can be redeemed for an account after 15 days from the last account ownership change).
      [Known issue] The account gifting function has several misasing texts. They will be added throughout the week.

      Your Ogame.se team
    • 20.03- Lobby version 1.5.0

      [New] A button has been added to the lobby so a player can directly start in the newest server.
      [Bug fix] Clicking on the support button of an account while being in a sitting doesn't log you in the support account of the sitted account any longer.

      This version will be implemented in the live Lobby on Wednesday 20th of March at 10:00 CET.